Role: Brand design, Graphic design
Team: Team Project(made up of 3 designers) 

Redesigning the brand identity of ‘DMZ DOCS: DMZ International Documentary Film Festival’

DMZ DOCS (DMZ International Documentary Film Festival) is an international film festival that held every year at around DMZ area in Korea.
DMZ: The Korean Demilitarized Zone, is border barrier between South and North Korea. It is established by the provisions of the Korean Armistice Agreement to serve as a buffer zone between the South Korea and the North Korea.
In the past, this area was full of military tension, painful memories.
DMZ had represented a collision between South and North Korea.
However, nowadays, through the peaceful mood between both countries, DMZ is changing.
With these changes ‘DMZ International Documentary Film Festival’ was held with message of peace and our hope for unification.


Project Details


At first, we had to redefine the meaning of this area and festival.
The documentary as a one of film genre includes a lot of themes.
Also, the documentary has no borderline and no limited way.
As these features of documentary, It can be a tool that makes the changes.
We focused on the ‘The changes’ that the documentary makes, and ‘The changes’ from the DMZ area between past and present.
After many of research and brainstorming, we drew out the key philosophy ‘From solid to flexible’ and defined the ‘DMZ DOCS’ as a moment of changing.


We have tried to cover the elements of redefinition into new brand identity.
Based on these elements we developed brand new graphic motif.
We have wanted to express ‘the changing and flow’ from the Logotype and the colors were made naturally merged to symbolize one festival.
This flexible brand identity system can be applied to various elements.


Color system

We also defined a color system of this film festival that represented each section of prizes.
There are 5 different section in the DMZ DOCS.
We had chosen a color for each section that fully considered of suitability with features of each section.

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