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This project is about the regeneration of a seaside town called Rhyl in Wales. Rhyl was a popular seaside resort, with an influx from Liverpool and Manchester. The area had declined dramatically by 1990 but has since been improved by a series of regeneration projects that have brought in major investment.

Our goal for this regeneration project was to promote Rhyl to the public and revitalize Rhyl again by encouraging tourism.
As a solution, we created our own brand ‘Delight’.
Delight is a magical cocktail kit inspired by Rhyl. We delivered the delight of Rhyl into the world.

This project was a collaboration work with Ji-hae Kim, Satomi Hisamoto and myself.


First, we set up three characters such as candy floss, a pub, and fairies which are inspired from Rhyl. Each element used as metaphors for the delight, messengers and the public.

With those elements, we delivered the delight of Rhyl to the public by becoming fairy messengers of Rhyl.


After that, we set two different strategies.

The first one was to promote Rhyl to people through our newly-made fairy cocktails. These cocktails were inspired by Rhyl and therefore through the cocktails promotion we were able to raise awareness of Rhyl. This in turn should encourage tourism and help with revitalizing Rhyl.

The second strategy was about becoming messengers, counsellors, agents between local people of Rhyl and the local government.
We collected local people’s voices and delivered them to the government and it made a connection between politicians and locals.
It became a bridge between politician and locals.

Field resarch

To get to know more about Rhyl, we went on a field trip. During the field trip, we did many activities and research.

First was our Fairy performance.
We tried to bring delight to the public by becoming fairies as ourselves. With fairy costume, we were able to approach people more easily and people were more willing to tell us their stories.

The second activity was engaging with locals.
We asked people for their wishes, saying ‘This fairy of Rhyl will make your wish come true.’ People were really friendly and were willing to tell their wishes. We could collect people's wishes, most of them were about happiness, health, wealth, peace and love.

The last activity was collecting materials about Rhyl.
To gain inspiration from Rhyl, we collected natural materials such as seashells and feathers which reminded us of Rhyl.


Based on our research, we created our own cocktail brand ‘Delight’.
Delight is a magical cocktail kit inspired by Rhyl. Delight delivers the delight of Rhyl into the word. Delight has three flavours, Hapusrwydd, Iechyd, Cyfoeth. These names are Welsh for health, happiness, and wealth. Each flavour contains people's wishes from Rhyl.

More details about Delight is explained in the brand book below.

‘Delight’ Brand book

(Printed leaflet / 28p / 210 x 297 mm)


The final part of this project was promoting 'Delight' to the public and to deliver the locals message to a politician. To promote Delight, we held a free drinks event, in central London and at our university campus. We promoted Rhyl to many people and gave them a magical moment, saying ‘Your wishes will come true when you drink our cocktails’. During the event, everyone made their wishes and drank Delight cocktails.

Finally, to deliver the people's message to politicians, we made posters that included the local's wishes. These messages contained political topics so could sound quite serious and boring, however, we expressed these political issues in a friendlier way by using the fairy tale theme. We did a performance holding these posters in front of Westminster while wearing fairy costumes.
Furthermore, we were able to deliver our messages to a politician.
We visited Westminster and met Chris Davies, an MP of Rhyl and delivered our fairytale with people's wishes and delight cocktail products. We delivered people's opinions and had a discussion on how we can reduce the gap between local's and politicians.

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