K Street Boys

Graphic design, Branding 

‘K Street Boys’ is a Korean street food truck.
K.S.B delivers authentic Korean street food to you.

Easy, Fun and tasty.

I took part in the branding and graphic design of the project. I designed graphic materials such as logo, character design and packages. Furthermore, I created digital marketing collaterals for social media, mainly Instagram.


K street boys's main concept is a character boy band. It's similar to K-pop boy band which is super popular worldwide. The characters add a lively mood to the brand. 

Each character is shaped like popular Korean street food. The characters are designed in 2D and 3D, it could be applied depends on the medium. It promotes the brand itself and expands the way of marketing. It's suitable to make contents and also, easy to spread on social media and has the potential to grow as a character business. 

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