LG U+ Visual Identity

Brand design

LG Uplus is one of the major telecommunication companies in Korea.
I was in charge of the visual identity redesign project. The company rebuilt the brand essence and wanted to refresh the brand image through renewing the visual identity.
My team’s goals were renewing the graphic motif and making a more flexible visual guide system.
The company didn’t want to change the brand name, signature colour or basic style. So we suggested a new brand identity while maintaining basic elements.

We conducted research in various ways including an employee survey, interviews and various case studies.

Problems & Solutions
Through the research, we found problems with the current visual identity.


  • Current graphic motif is too complicated, hard to apply to any products or applications.
  • Signature color is too strong, distracts people from more important information.
  • Existing design is too old-fashioned.


  • Make simple and flexible graphic motif.
  • Use only one signature color for one element.
  • Make alternative motif and visual systems that support the main graphic motif.

Design Direction
After the research and analysis, we decided to use humanity as our main design theme. We also aimed to make the overall design hyper simple.

To help explain our idea to stakeholders of what a redefined ‘Humanity’ brand theme would feel like we built a brand mood board.

After that, during the next 2 months, we focused on how to solve the problems and we did many case studies to develop our graphic motif. We created various new graphic elements and an in-depth guide system of how to use the elements.

Final Output
Finally, we made a new version of the visual identity system.
We made a brand guide book which contains everything from the basic graphic motif, fonts and colours to guide about how to apply the new design to various applications.

Graphic Motif Basic Guide

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