The Alarm

Digital product design

‘The Alarm’ is a simple and easy alarm application to help make your morning perfect.
It includes a special wake up mission feature that makes waking up in the morning more efficient. 'The Alarm' doesn’t allow users to snooze but instead makes sure they wake up when the alarm rings. It does this a gentle and fun manner so as not to scare the user. Change your morning, change your life.


I wake using the alarm on my mobile phone every day. I've used various alarm applications to try and find the perfect one for a long time. There are so many alarm applications on the App store but none of these could fulfil my needs. Some of them are too complex and have too many features which makes it hard to use and sometimes causes confusion. Many alarms are too easy to turn off which can easily lead to people oversleeping. Based on my experiences, I knew there were flaws in the current designs which could be improved the give the user a smoother morning.


I set two goals to help users wake up in the morning.

1. Special features that make users wake up surely and gently.
2. Simple and clear design that immediately understandable for a person who just got up.

User flow

I divided the whole user journey into three parts. I added special features into each step to achieve the goals.

(A) Set an alarm - Volume up gently
When the user turns on this feature, the alarm sound will slowly increase to avoid being suddenly woken up by the alarm sounds.

(B) Alarm ringing - Wake up mission

To make sure users wake up, I added a 'Wake up mission' replacing the snooze feature. User have to solve a mission to turn off the alarm.
There are three different types of Wake up mission Quiz, Typing, Shaking.
The user can set the type of mission or have one chosen at random.

(C) Turn off the alarm - Weather forecast
Many people check the weather in the morning so I added a simple weather forecast into this part to raise convenience for a busy morning.

Wire frame


After the several design drafts and challenges, the final design was selected. Using a blue gradient as the main colour, gives a fresh and active feeling of morning to users. Furthermore, it provides a dark mode option for users who want to set an alarm in the night before going to sleep. To improve accessibility, the time information is in a large bold font. This will help people to see information clearly even when they have just got up.

Wake up misson

  • ‘Quiz' the user must complete a simple math quiz.

  • ‘Typing' auto generate one sentence and then the user has to type the sentence.

  • ‘Shaking' a bottle is displayed on the screen. When the user shakes the mobile phone, the bottle will begin to fill up. When the bottle is fully filled the alarm will turn off.

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