Wake up

Service design
Role: Research, Brand design,Graphic design
Team: Team 83 (Part of No,No,No project)

“’Wake up!ʼ is a start of changing your life in hyperconnectivity society.”

ʻWake up!ʼ is a service that helps people to change the behaviour who addict to the mobile phone, especially social media. Using ʻWake up!ʼ people can change the way of using the mobile phone. Our further goal is raising peoples social resilience.

Through the lifetime calculator, people realize how much time that I spend on mobile phone and how much am I addicted on it.
This service makes people realized about their addiction gives motivation about want to change their behavior.

The time converter change the time into interesting activities rather than using the mobile phone.
Time converter suggest replacement activities.

This self-documented data will encourage people to do social media detox. And give them an instruction and some tips.
Social media detox leads people to action to change their behaviour.

Project Details


To define the problem we conducted research. Firstly, we looked through the positive and negative way of hyperconnectivity society. After that, we focused on the negative way and addiction to an online connection.We looked into many theory about addiction and kept thinking about how to overcome the addiction to decide a direction about our service.


I set a service persona as my self and tried to find aspects of addiction on a mobile phone. This activity gave us many insights to find out the causes of addiction and helped a lot to find the right approach to solutions.


To lead an effective solution, I conducted self-experiment about refuse social media. Through the research, experiment and development, we could build a service.

Service details

What is ‘Wake up!’?
ʻWake up!ʼ is a service that helps people to change their behaviour of using the mobile phone.

For whom?
ʻWake up!ʼ is for people who spend much time on the mobile phone, especially on social media.

How it works?
Wake up!
- Life time calculator
- Time converter
- Social media detox
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