Wake up!

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‘Wake up!ʼ is the start of changing your life in a hyperconnectivity society. It is a campaign that helps people who are addicted to their mobile phones, especially social media to change their behaviour. Through ʻWake up!ʼ people can check their mobile phone usage routine, change the way they are using their mobile phone and finally find alternative activities that fulfil their life.

We provided three activities to find out the user’s mobile phone addiction and give them solution.

1. Lifetime calculator  /  2. Time Converter  /  3. Social media detox

Lifetime calculator automatically calculates how much time you will spend on your mobile phone in your whole life based on your average usage time. It helps people to realize their mobile addiction and gives people the motivation to change their behaviour.
After people realize they are addicted, they are more open to help. Time converter and social media detox could give solutions.
The time converter suggests alternative activities for the user instead of using their mobile phone. It’s able to suggest other interesting activities instead of using a mobile phone. It can help people that are looking for a replacement of a mobile phone. Through social media detox and instruction, a complete social media detox could be very hard, but the user could get many benefits if they succeed.

To define the problem we conducted research. Firstly, we looked through the positive and negative way of a hyperconnectivity society. After that, we figured out what people are looking for in their mobile, especially by using social network. We drew out people’s needs and kept thinking about how we could replace mobile phones and overcome the addiction.

I set a service persona as myself and tried to find aspects of addiction in my own use of my mobile phone. This activity gave us many insights to find out the causes of addiction and helped a lot to find the right approach to solutions.

Honey’s Daily Routine

To lead an effective and practical solution, I conducted a self-experiment to refuse social media. I did a social media detox for one week, and I was able to reduce my mobile phone usage time dramatically. Plus, I also documented my everyday life during the detox. Through the document, we could see the journey to cure a mobile phone addiction.

︎Social media detox document video

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