Brand design

ortho is a lifestyle brand intended to improve people’s quality of life through an enhanced sleep experience.
Nowadays, many people suffer from sleep troubles. In the busy modern society sleep is an important but increasingly scarce commodity. ortho is a solution to this problem.

Ortho is designed to provide personalized advice to each user, giving them insights and advice on how to obtain a proper and healthy sleep pattern.

Sleeping guide book(Book / 65p)

The Sleep Guide book provides basic information about sleep. This information is provided according to scientifically approved sleep theory.

Sleep Diary

A customer can record their daily sleep habits using a Sleep diary. A sleep diary can track a user’s sleep behaviour and can be used to help improve their sleep experience.

ortho mobile appalication


The word ‘Ortho’ is derived from the term ‘Ortho-Sleep’, which means NREM(non-rapid eye movement) sleep. Ortho-Sleep gives people a high quality of sleep and makes their bodies feel relaxed and refreshed.

Sleep Well & Live Well 

I set a brand position based on the brands philosophy in order to build a clear brand identity. I compared ortho with various other lifestyle brands so that I could find the correct brand mood and position.




Graphic Elements

The graphic motif was inspired by the moon. These graphic elements were developed for use throughout the branding of the project and applied to various applications.

Service details

Through the service, users are able to escape from insomnia and find a solution to their sleep disorder.
The service provides a way for customers to increase their deep sleep and improve their quality of life with a proper sleep routine.

I researched into sleep, in particular into cases of sleep trouble, ways of getting a good sleep and the relation between sleep and lifestyle. I also conducted a survey to get more specific information. Based on the research and survey I was able to define a target user.

Target Users


People who are suffering from a sleep disorder.


People who want to create a relaxing and peaceful bedroom environment.


  • Providing knowledge of sleep

Provide knowledge of sleep so the user can learn about what causes their sleep problems and in order to find a solution.

  • Customised sleeping guides

Customised sleeping guides are tailored to an individual’s sleep patterns. A personalized sleep guide makes sleeping easier.

  • Scientific approach and research about sleep

Provide the user with feedback and ways to improve their sleep based on scientific research.

  • Help to make the perfect bedroom condition

Making and developing the products that improve bedroom quality.

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