socks appeal UOMO

Role: Project Manager, Product Designer, Brand Designer & Photographer  

‘socks appeal UOMO’provides high quilty and unique design for our special customers

‘socks appeal UOMO’ is premium second brand of ‘socks appeal’ It provides hight quilty and unique design men’s classic socks for our special customers. 

socks appeal is a small but exciting company.
As can be expected for a young startup of socks appeal’s size, I took on a number of further roles in addition to the main one of product design lead. Such as market research, brand design, illustration, product design, photography and web design.


Project Details

Brand history

We wanted to make a premium man’s socks brand that contained socks appeal’s own identity. Socks appeal already had a own identity. However, the target was different between two brands, so we made another version of system that suitable for premium target. ‘socks appeal UOMO’ is based on a basic brand concept of ‘socks appeal’ that motif oriented into sophisticated design, and add a classical mood for gentlemen.

Mood board


From late 20s to early 40s, Men who want to feel a little variation in the monotonous routine.

Logo & Symbol
To unified with the original brand we used the original version of socks appeal's logo. Using a bold sans serif font to give different moods and contrast of brands. The gentleman symbol is made with a thread which means fabric.

Colour & Mood
Warm, Humorous, Friendly good will

Brand Essential

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